Friday Quotes

Friday Quotes – City of Girls

Friday Quotes

It’s Friday which means it’s time to introduce you to the new series on the blog.

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Friday Quotes!

Every Friday, I will be sharing quotes from my current read.

Current read – City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

City of Girls

Elizabeth Gilbert is a fantastic writer and storyteller. She wrote the books ”Eat , Pray, Love”, ”Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your Fear”, ”Committed” and a few more.

So, let’s get right into it. Shall we?

“When I was younger, I had wanted to be at the very center of all the action in New York, but I slowly came to realize that there is no one center. The center is everywhere – wherever people are living out their lives. It’s a city with a million centers.”

“I hope you’re having a good time, too. People will tell you not to waste your youth having too much fun, but they’re wrong. Youth is an irreplaceable treasure, and the only respectable thing to do with irreplaceable treasure is to waste it. So do the right thing with your youth, Vivian- squander it.”

“Nothing will uproot your life more violently than true love—at least as far as I’ve always witnessed.”

“I fell in love with him, and it made no sense for me to fall in love with him. We could not possibly have been more different. But maybe that’s where love grows best—in the deep space that exists between polarities.”

“You must learn in life to take things more lightly, my dear. The world is always changing. Learn how to allow for it.”

“Anyway, at some point in a woman’s life, she just gets tired of being ashamed all the time. After that, she is free to become whoever she truly is.”

“Let us not become so cautious that we forget to live.”

If you like this series, let me know in the comments. Oh and in case you missed my old reviews, you can read them here.

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