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Friday Quotes – His only wife

Friday Quotes

Hey friends! It’s another Friday! This is the fastest January ever and I’m not complaining. It’s time for Friday Quotes! The book I just finished had little to no quotables but it was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

His only wife by Peace Adzo Medie

His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie

This book is set in Ghana and emphasizes the patriarchal culture we so gloriously uphold and enforce in Africa but it also explores feminism and the importance of finding your voice as a woman. Alright, let’s get to the quotes. Shall we?

”Please, put love aside and be practical. Love will not put food on the table; it won’t hold you at night.”

”And remember what I told you, no one should hear about this until everything is finalized; not everyone who smiles with you wishes you well,”

“Marriage shouldn’t be a never-ending competition where you spend your life fighting to be seen and chosen.”

”That all the money in the world is not worth the pain and tears and sleepless and nights.”

”It takes strength to walk away from someone you love. You were brave to say that you didn’t want to be miserable, to have your heart break every time he walks out the door”

“ I said to love with your head but I’m also the first person to tell you that it is hard to live like that. It is brutal and it eats at you every day and leaves you empty”

Have you read this book? I’m planning to review it soon and it’s also going to feature in one of my book lists. If you missed the first Friday Quotes, you can catch up here.

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