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5 Books I read in January

Hey friends! Issa new month! Honestly, where is 2021 running to ? I’m stressed. I need it to slow down a little. I was able to squeeze in 5 books in January despite having the worst work schedule and being persistently exhausted.

Let’s get to it. Shall we?

City of girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have always wanted to read this but I gave up on the ebook two years ago. I decided to get the paperback and I knew the only way I’d read it was if I made it the first read of the year. It was really good even though it dragged on a bit. I wrote a book review here.

His only wife by Peace Adzo Medie

I really liked this because it was light and easy to read. Set in Ghana, this book follows the life of Afi a young seamstress from a poor home who was married off into this influential family to a man she did not know. Matter of fact, he wasn’t even present at the wedding. This story emphasizes the importance of women having their own voice and as some have said “It’s a feminist tale”. It reminded me of those old school movies with John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson.

To dance with shadows by Ify Tony- Monye

I received this from masobebooks in exchange for a honest review. I didn’t enjoy this as much as I wanted to but it sparked up great conversations so I’ll say the author did an okay job. The plot itself wasn’t bad but it could’ve been better developed and a little more intriguing. I wrote a review of this book on the blog.

Together apart by Erin. A. Craig

This was the book I didn’t even know I needed. A collection of short stories by different authors where the focus was on teenagers finding love in the pandemic. The writing style is very contemporary and the stories are so cute and warm. I like that this isn’t such a negative book considering how terrible the pandemic has been. I should post a review of this on the blog this week.

Just as I am by Cicely Tyson

I rounded off the month with this gem of a book! I am so glad I opened scribd after months of abandoning it. I’m also super glad I checked the new releases and didn’t get discouraged when I saw “16hours”. Cicely Tyson was an exceptional woman and I am so glad she was honored while she was alive and chose to share her story. I was really inspired by this book and she shared a lot of lessons! I will be sharing some quotes from this book on Friday.

That’s it folks! I can’t promise February will be a better reading month but we move! One day at a time!

Have a great new month! Sending lots of love to everyone!

Please share the best book you read last month in the comments! 🙂

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