Friday Quotes

Friday Quotes- One to watch by Kate Stayman-London

Friday Quotes

Hey friends! I am back again with another episode of Friday Quotes. I actually finished One to watch by Kate Stayman-London last week but I think it’s important I share these quotes. I really enjoyed this one and as a huge fan of The Bachelor, it felt like I went through an entire season of The Bachelor and it was glorious! This book’s theme is mainly on body positivity and being comfortable in your own skin/body.

One to watch by Kate Stayman-London

“So many people have this vitriolic hatred of women in the public eye—especially women who have the audacity not to conform to conventional beauty standards—and on social media, they can deliver their hostility directly to our mentions”

“Society doesn’t really feel the need to divide men according to their body size the way we do with women”

“You just think that I should change, because you can’t imagine I could possibly be happy and healthy and fat all at the same time”

“It’s the hardest thing in the world. To have been that hurt, to feel that afraid, and to know that the only way you can be really, fully happy is to risk going through it all again? It’s a terrifying choice to make. But if you want to let someone be that close to you, it’s the only way.”

“It’s like, all of a sudden, I’m confronted with what I’ve been missing. Like, do other people actually live this way? They just fall in love, and they tell each other, and they never have to be ashamed, or embarrassed, or certain the other person doesn’t feel the same? And then—if you’re in love with me, and if I could really fall in love with you, does that mean I have to learn how to need you? To depend on you? What happens when you disappear on me like everyone else always has?”

The authenticity project and The color purple are my current reads and so far, i’m enjoying them especially because they’re so different.

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