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Friday Quotes- All about love by Bell Hooks

Hey friends. I’m writing this during one of what you can call my “lucid intervals” – You only have to replace unconsciousness with excessive sleeping. I almost have no control of it. It’s funny how the body works and this is coming from a medical doctor who essentially studied the body for years and is still studying it! I felt ill yesterday and somehow didn’t get enough rest and now my body is forcing me to rest whether I want to or not. So back to why I’m here, today is Friday and you should already know what that means! Friday Quotes featuring my current read “All about love” by Bell Hooks.

Bell Hooks – All about love

I was gifted this book by my good friend from America. I remember posting it on Instagram and talking about wanting a physical copy as I attempted to read the ebook years ago without much success. She saw my story and offered to get me a copy. I’m just in chapter three and I have already highlighted ALOT.

Let’s get right into it. Shall we?

“Only love can heal the wounds of the past. However, the intensity of our woundedness often leads to a closing of the heart, making it impossible for us to give or receive the love that is given to us. To open our hearts more fully to love’s power and grace we must dare to acknowledge how little we know of love in both theory and practice.”

“A commonly accepted assumption in a patriarchal culture is that love can be present in a situation where one group or individual dominates another.”

“Remember, care is a dimension of love, but simply giving care does not mean we are loving.”

“Although so many boys are taught to behave as though love does not matter, in their hearts they yearn for it.”

“Women are often comfortable lying to men in order to manipulate them to give us throngs we feel we want or deserve. We may lie to bolster a male’s self esteem. These lies may take the form of pretending to feel emotions we do not feel to pretending levels of emotional vulnerability and neediness that are false.”

“Many of us choose relationships of affection and care that will never become loving because they feel safer. The demand are not as intense as loving requires. The risk is not as great.”

“Trust is the foundation of intimacy. When lies erode trust, genuine connection cannot take place.”

I’m stopping here today but with these quotes, I think it’s pretty clear this is a very insightful book and although I haven’t finished reading it, I definitely recommend it.

I hope everyone is having a Good Friday and I wish y’all a fantastic weekend. Rest. Drink water and try not to forget that “problem no dey finish”.

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