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7 Bookish gift ideas for book lovers.

Hey people. How are you? (I’m genuinely curious.) I can’t be the only one with friends who send messages like “ what can I get you? I’m scared to buy a book because I’m sure you’ve read it.” My response is always ‘$$$$’ but this is not why I’m here. I’m here for the lazy gifters, the ones who are never sure what to get their friends who are book lovers. The confused ones, the indecisive ones. *Group hug* I have curated a list of bookish gift ideas for you.

So, I made a list of things you can give the book lovers in your life. Things I’m sure they’ll love.

Customized tea/coffee mugs

Most book lovers are tea/coffee lovers (okay, maybe I’m generalizing) but I’m sure if you ask around I’m probably right. Get a customized mug with their name (if the person is a narcissist) or a catchy phrase/word (preferably). They’d love it. If you’re in Nigeria, customizewithjess on Instagram should be able to help with this.


We are not dog-earing books or using random items as bookmarks in 2021. Leave that bad behavior in 2020 and gift your bookish friends bookmarks. They’re affordable and if you’re a brokass, you can actually DIY. I definitely see myself accepting and making cool/cute bookmarks.

I mostly get mine from bookstores and I end up losing them all.

Tote bags

This is very useful for book lovers to transport their books or other items if they’re like me. I talked about the fact that if I don’t go out with at least one or two books when I leave my house, I might faint. In my defense, Lagos traffic will frustrate you and if it doesn’t, wait time everywhere will. Don’t you want your friends to live long? Get them a tote bag so they can take books everywhere! Another reason I take books everywhere is to take beautiful photos of them for my blog. So this is also a great gift for your content creator book loving friends. Oyemcollection and totesbytobz sell affordable tote bags.

Scented candles

Nothing is better than reading a good book with a cup of hot chocolate and scented candles burning in the background to set the mood. It’s called self-care. It’s called drowning the chaos. It’s called peace. I won a candle from Mayowa samuel in a giveaway organized by Litrandra and I definitely recommend it. There are lots of vendors on instagram. I haven’t bought from tos_nigeria but I see she sells affordable scented candles.

Audiobook/ebook/ book subscriptions

Getting your friends audiobook and ebook subscriptions as a gift is fantastic because they get to pick whichever book they want and you’re not worried about whether or not they’ve read it. You can pay for their audible, scribd and librofm subscription for the month or for a year.

Hoodie/Tshirt with bookish quotes.

I’m sure your friends will appreciate a tshirt or hoodie with bookish quotes or phrases. I definitely would. Book lovers generally love comfort and nothing screams comfort more than a cozy hoodie/tshirt.

Yrsa Daley-Ward has a collection with H&M and I think it’ll make a fantastic gift.

A cute journal

Journaling is one of the best things in life. It is so underrated and the great thing about it is that it is never too late to start. Buy your bookish friends journals. Littartbyai sells amazing journals.

If you must buy books because you simply can’t be bothered, randomly ask your friend for books on their TBR list they’re yet to purchase and do the needful.

I hope with this list, gifting your friends will be a little easier.

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