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My Fall Reading List

I can’t believe it’s fall already. This year flew by and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. While I didn’t enjoy my summer as much as I wanted to, I’m looking forward to enjoying every bit of the new season. This is funny because I hate the cold- in fact, I’m cold intolerant (medically) & one of the things I feared most when I moved to Canada was the weather. Over one year later, I’m talking about how much I love fall. I’m not sure what changed but I think it’s the coziness of the season, the sweaters, the cute jackets, the candles, the warm and breezy days.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the books on my fall reading list. – in no particular order.

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Sorrow and bliss by Meg Mason

Most of the books on this list are books I started earlier in the year but somehow didn’t end up finishing – what’s that thing they say about wrong timing? Yeah. That!

One true loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m slowly making my way through reading all of her books! Two down! Taylor Jenkins Reid’s storytelling abilities are unmatched. I’m looking forward to getting lost in a good story.

I found you by Lisa Jewell

I recently read None of this is true by Lisa Jewell and I knew I was also going to read more of her books. I love a good psychological thriller/mystery. In another universe, I’m probably a detective. Haha

Love after love by Ingrid Persaud

Another summer book that trickled into my fall reading list. I’ve always love Caribbean literature and I’ve heard only good things about this one.

Iona’s Iverson’s rules for commuting by Clare Pooley

What is fall without a cozy book about mundane things like commuting. This is one of those books I’d never seen but got swept away by the synopsis and the cover.

A spell of good things by Ayobami Adebayo

I’m pretty surprised I delayed reading this. I got my parents to bring my copy from Nigeria and still didn’t read it. If you know me, you’ll know Ayobami is one of my favorite Nigerian writers. I’ve heard this one is a bit heavy but I don’t mind a bit of balance on my reading list.

Carrie Soto is back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Another Taylor Jenkins Reid book on my list. I’m pretty serious about getting through her entire catalogue.

I know! I know. This is a very ambitious list but I’m currently waiting for an exam result and the more distracted I am, the better. The anxiety can be overwhelming.

What are you reading this fall? Are you excited the year is coming to an end?

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