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I’m a fan – Sheena Patel | Book Review

I got sent a copy of “I’m a Fan” by Sheena Patel. Thank you to the good people at Penguin Canada for this review copy.


“I’m a fan” offers a fascinating glimpse into the chaotic mind of an unhinged woman, consumed by an obsession she can’t escape. Her fixation revolves around a man, who she referred to as “the man I want to be with,” and the woman she’s obsessed with who is one of the women sleeping with this man.

If I remember correctly, almost all the characters in this book are unnamed. “The woman I’m obsessed with”, “The man I want to be with”.

“I’m a fan” reads like a commentary on social media, toxic relationships, the allure of wealth, and the illusion of affluence. Short, digestible chapters make it an ideal pick for quick reading sessions.

I savored it in small doses, much like browsing blog posts at the end of a day. I’m pretty sure I’d have lost my mind had I read it in one sitting. The main character whose thoughts we’re reading was a bit stressful and half the time I wanted to scream “ Girl he does not like you. Get a grip. Find a healthy hobby or something”


“I’m a fan” was an uncomfortable yet good read. This story serves as a stark reminder of the perils of oversharing on social media. It’s easy for outsiders to piece together someone’s life from small online breadcrumbs. It’s a chilling thought that resonates with the modern age, where our digital footprints can reveal so much. I often struggle with social media & how exposing it is. Social media celebrates over sharing. I’m all for sharing your story, journey, and life but you can do that while being safe.

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