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February Wrap-up

Hey people. I honestly do not even think this should be called a wrap-up because I read just two books the entire month of February (In my defense, February was a short month? ) Haha. No but I can’t explain why I barely read last month and how unproductive I was in general. I’m glad I feel somewhat better and have been a bit more productive.

The two books I read in February

One to watch by Kate Stayman-London

I really enjoyed this because I’m a huge fan of The Bachelor and this book is basically about a tv show similar to the bachelor. It was nice to read and sorta get the behind the scene moments.I particularly enjoyed how contemporary the writing style was. The tweets, text messages and the overall banter was top notch! I am obsessed with the bachelor so It felt great to hear her echo my thoughts (although hers was about a fictional reality tv show called Main squeeze). I also really liked that the main character was plus-size woman and how vulnerable she was about her experiences.

The color purple by Alice Walker

I still cannot believe it took me this long to read this book. It’s a classic and you can tell by the style of writing which I loved. The book is told through the main character Celie’s letters to God and she’s not educated so she writes how she speaks and I didn’t even mind the errors. If anything it created a more vivid picture of her life. I definitely recommend reading this. A review of this should be on the blog soon. The last episode of Friday Quotes featured this amazing book. I planned to watch the movie but like I said earlier, February was the ghetto.

This is probably my shortest blog post yet but manage it please. I’ve been excited since the month started because *Drum rolls * Tomorrow is my birthday!! 🎉 and y’all get early birthday selfies because you’re all special to me.

Wishing you all a great month! I’m hoping and praying for good news this month.

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  1. Happy Birthday in advance!!!! Adding all these books to my TBR. I read only two books too. Love is a revolution by Renee watson and the stranger by Albert Camus

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