Friday Quotes

Friday Quotes- Home body by Rupi Kaur

Friday Quotes

Hey friends! How is the first week in March going ? I hope everyone is keeping safe and thriving. I think I should state that Friday Quotes may not happen every single week because there are weeks where I don’t read as much and I only want to share from the books I’m currently reading. That’s the whole point of it. So, I actually rounded up three books this week but my quotes will mainly be from this amazing poetry book called Home body by Rupi Kaur.

“depression is silent
you never hear it coming
and suddenly it’s
the loudest voice in your head”

“anxiety feels like i’m hanging
off the side of a building
and my hand is going to
slip any second”

“nothing lasts forever

let that be the reason you stay

even this sick twisted misery

will not last”

“your partner is supposed to
enrich your life
not drain it
staying when it hurts is not love”

“the love of family
friends and community
is just as potent
as the love
of a romantic relationship”

“we can work
at our own pace
and still be

I had to stop there so I don’t end up sharing too much. You need to get this book for yourself and read it. It reads like a journal but I liked how much I related to it (even the not-so-pleasant parts of it).

Have you read this? It’s definitely a way to take a break from stories/fiction. I’m not done reading but I’ll definitely recommend this if you’re into poetry books.

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