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10 Books – One-sentence review!

I decided to try a new review style because sometimes, you read books and don’t have a lot to say but you still want to talk about them so people can possibly pick them up. In this post, I’ll be sharing one sentence review of 10 books I read in the last year.

Yinka, Where is your huzband by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn – This should have been titled ‘The memoir of a single 30+ Nigerian woman with ridiculous relatives and extremely clichĂ© scenarios”.

Beautiful world where are you by Sally Rooney – If life as flawed pretentious millennials was a book.

After perfect by Maan Gabriel– Being single after over a decade of being in a relationship, living your best life and falling in love with your professor; all in one summer.

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary – Living with a stranger of the opposite sex but instead of it being weird and creepy, it ends up being a cute ass love story.

Seven days in June by Tia Williams – Finding your soulmate as a f*cked up teenager and then reuniting as adults but like in a not so toxic way. (My definition of toxic is different please)

Nearly All The Men in Lagos are mad by Damilare Kuku – Nigerian or should I say Lagos men will embarrass you and remind you that they are indeed quite mad.

The Push by Ashley Audrian – May God not let us have a child that will make us go crazy – not in a cute way but in a psychotic way.

The love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood– Chaotic post graduate student life with a hot professor and romance that’ll have you wondering why you’re still single.

The last thing he told me by Laura Dave– Chasing love, trying to be a step-mother and next thing you know, you’re married to a man who has lied about every single thing about himself.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus – Woman in STEM reminding us that stereotypes don’t have to define how we live our lives.

I liked reading these books and they were all memorable. Of course, I loved some more than others but I definitely recommend them!

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