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Currently living….

It’s the beginning of the last quarter of the year and I’m partly excited but mostly nervous. I have not been blogging in the last few months but i think I’m in a better headspace and would love to share what I’ve been up to.

Currently loving my new iPhone. I decided to upgrade my iPhone 11 to the 13 pro max. It wasn’t an impulse buy but the back to school deals were so great. I simply had to take advantage of it. I was almost tempted to wait for the new iPhone.

Currently listening to Asake’s songs. Losing my AirPods definitely affected how much I listened to music but I got a replacement at the CNE and I’ve been listening to Asake’s music on Spotify. I never really got the hype around him when “Sungba” was released but I think I kinda get it now.

Currently watching Young Sheldon on Netflix and New Girl on Disney plus. Fantastic shows. Great mood lifters. I watched an episode of Dated Related and I got bored. Oops.

Currently reading my medical textbooks because these exams are not going to write themselves. I’ve been slacking a lot but I’m also not trying to overwhelm myself so one day at a time it is.

Currently planning my return to blogsphere. Hopefully, I’ll be able to slowly transition into being a lifestyle blogger.

Currently working on my monthly goals. I spoke about this on Instagram. Being an adult means you have to actively be responsible for all aspects of your health. I haven’t been active lately and that has taken a toll on how I’ve felt in the last few months. So, I’m making a conscious effort to exercise regularly and cook more. I made puff puff last weekend and they looked and tasted so good. (Not the healthiest snack but the focus should be on the fact that I made something)

Currently hoping I’m able to buy a winter jacket. It’s almost fall and while I’m excited for fall fashion, I’m not looking forward to the cold. Fingers crossed, I’m able to find an affordable jacket.

Currently obsessed with documenting my adventures and creating memories which is also why I upgraded to a 128GB phone.

I was looking for more verbs to add to this list but I got tired and it took me a few days (on and off) to finally finish this post. Anyway, expect more lifestyle posts as I’ve barely been reading leisurely.

// Tosin //

2 thoughts on “Currently living….”

  1. Winter jacket struggle! Oh yes, I’m also looking forward to the fashion side of things haha.
    One day at a time… is the best strategy. Keep pushing x

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